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Store Profit Way to Make Money

Store Profit is the unlimited profit an existing partner of the company receives or enjoys when they begin trading on the e-commerce platform.

The store profit way of making money in the CHY Mall is the first and primary way of earning money with this e-commerce business venture. The store profit, as the name goes is money made by buying and selling products in your activated VIP store.

CHY Mall operates a new concept called the New Retail system. Now, this system requires that every member be both a customer and a business owner at the same time. Moreover, every member first has to make a purchase at the New Retail area of the mall for a personal product as a consumer or retail user, which then qualifies the member to purchase at the Wholesale area as a business owner.

Once your purchase in the New Retail is successfully completed, you automatically qualify to buy two pieces of the same item at the Wholesale division of the mall and enjoy a whopping discount of sixty per cent (60%).

You then place the purchased items in the store you have purchases as a VIP package and request that the company sells the two products for you at the retail price, thus giving you a profit margin of 60% on both products.

So What Next With the Store Profit

The products are usually queued for sale within ten to twelve days maximum. When the two products are finally sold out on the tenth day, both the trading capital and the profit returned are credited to your CHY Points wallet by midnight of the eleventh day in the case of a manual trade. And you have to repeat the process of placing a trade again every ten days after the previous trade completes.

In the case of the auto trade, however, whether a fifty-days or hundred days, only the store profit earned is credited to your wallet, the trading capital is locked up until the full cycle of trades is completed depending on the number of rounds for the auto trade. This is because the system is set to automatically place the trades for you after every individual trade run completes, which requires that the trading capital should be readily available for the automated trades to be executed.

How Does the Store Profit Work In Real Life?

store profit

When you buy a product with your trading capital (let’s use VIP4 for example), you will buy any product in that category worth $300 at the New Retail Area. Note, this is Store Profit we are explaining.

Now, CHY will give you 2 quotas to buy the same product at $120 each at the Wholesale Area.

Do the simple math:

> $540 minus $300 = $240

> $120 times x 2 = $240

The first product you bought at $300 will be delivered to you through your Service Centre.

For the other two you purchased in the wholesale area, CHY Mall will give you two options; “do you want us to sell for you or deliver to you?” You’ll tell them to sell for you.

Remember you bought at $120 each, but CHY Mall will sell for you at $300 each, making it $600! So, $600 will be credited to your back-office.

Now, you spent $540 on your trade and gained $600

  • $600 – $540 = $60

The company deducts $18 from the $60 as charges and part as tax to your own country.

So, you will still have $42 as your total profit for that one trade and with your capital of $540

The selling period is 10 – 12 days maximum!

That’s for Store profit. No referring and selling products on the street. Pure legit, clean and stress-free business you have never seen before!


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