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New Terms & Conditions To Qualify For A Service Centre (SC)

The company will never consider Service Centre without an office space. You must have a readily registered business or office space for our visiting CHY MALL members, whether old or new. You must submit the actual address and location (GPS) to the company for approval. The photos of the offices must be attached.

You must be at least a VIP 4 or a VIP 5 package member who is trading and you must have at least 6 VIP3 or VIP4 direct referrals. You must also have at least 100 members in your teams and network diagram (left and right legs combined).

As a Service Centre owner, You must pay $5,000 for the new Service Centre Status and Service Centre Ownership. The payment for new SC will not be refundable. This is because the benefits of having a Service Centre are vast.

You must be prepared to educate, manage and lead your team and all CHY MALL members successfully without depending on the company’s resources.

You must prepare to hold training, seminars, events and roadshows to educate all prospects, new leads and existing members. This you could do either at your office premises or in the rented public halls. The ideal attendance should be more than 50 members and above and manageable.

As SC, you must be able to serve all CHY MALL members, whether they are under your family tree or not. You are required to serve all equally, fairly and openly, without discrimination.

You must be ready to cultivate and instil the culture of CHY MALL into all leaders and members within your team. This is to help everyone become BETTER, IMPROVE THEIR LIFESTYLE and achieve Financial Freedom together

Further Conditions To Qualify For An SC

You must submit an application letter along with a copy of your latest ID, front and back or latest passport pictures. You must as well submit a selfie of yourself holding your ID or passport, for the CHY MALL MANAGEMENT to verify your identity.

It is not mandatory for whomever to apply for Service Centre to get the Service Centre status automatically. You will have an interview with the CHY MALL Overseas Partners & Advisors. It is when you pass before the company will successfully select you as a new SERVICE CENTRE leader.

To be entitled to the monthly SERVICE CENTRE profits, your monthly minimum aggregate registration sales must be at least $2,000.

10.1 Anything short of $2,000 for 3-6 consecutive months will result in SC withdrawal/closure/termination due to idleness, inactivity and lethargy. The company shall impose strict action promptly with an official communication to all members and leaders. The final rights belong to THE CHY MALL MANAGEMENT.

The SC leaders that have applied to withdraw their SC status will never be considered for SC leadership in future. Likewise, those that have their SC status withdrawn/closed/terminated due to idleness, inactivity and lethargy. The opportunity will be given to others, members or leaders, who are more capable, helpful and passionate in the business.

Important Warning: The SC leaders and holders must be loyal to THE CHY MALL IN ACCRA GHANA. Those SC who allegedly get involved with other network marketing businesses, with evidence and proofs, will be terminated immediately. This will be without prior notice and we do not accept APPEAL. There will not be reactivation of their Service Centre status. The final rights and decision belong to CHY MALL MANAGEMENT. Learn to do the right thing and do it well.


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