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Network Marketing is a promising alternative to the corporate grind, allowing networkers to earn at their own pace and rate. More and more people are looking to escape the stress and pressure of the corporate rat race and have turned to business models where they have better control over their time and freedom. This has never been more important than today as we face the biggest crisis we have ever faced from the Corona Virus Pandemic and the employment worries many are facing as a result.

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider joining us as a Powerlife Distributor and change your life forever:


1. Your Chances for Success are Better in Network Marketing

Yes, some people fail at it. In MLM or Network Marketing, you will find that 20% of the people are making 80% of the money. Do you know what? That’s exactly the same as churches and other voluntary organisations – 20% of the people who are involved do 80% of the work that needs to be done. Are you surprised that’s the same in MLM? People are people.

Many people who fail at network marketing are not motivated, some are not cut out for self-employment, some are in the wrong company for them and some are just not properly trained. But a motivated and trained person in a good company with great products has a good chance of succeeding in their MLM business. On the other hand, if you start a traditional business your odds of success are much lower.

According to most small business associations globally, at least 50% of small businesses fail in their first year and 95% fail within the first 5 years. So, after 5 years of 12 hour days, in debt up to your eyeballs and stressed out to breaking point, you have only a 5% chance of succeeding.

2. The Costs are Much Lower to get into Network Marketing

It’s true, most network marketing companies ask for a monthly minimum order to keep an active distributor status. This is part of what keeps the machine running. It’s part of the business operating costs. It may be as much as $100 depending on the company. But compare that to the costs of traditional business ownership like rent, utilities, inventory, insurance, taxes, employees, marketing and advertising and much, much more.

You don’t have to be rich or go deep in debt to have your own home-based network marketing business. It truly is an equalizer, giving everyone a fair chance at succeeding, no matter what the financial background or credit history is.

3. A Network Marketing Business is Simpler to Run

If you had your own business hopefully you could afford to hire an accountant and a secretary who would keep all your red-tape, paperwork, receipts, bookkeeping and such. If not, you would spend much of your time doing this.

With MLM, the company you are with handles most of the paperwork. You just need to keep your own financial records for your income taxes. This frees you up to spend your time and energy making money.

4. A Network Marketing Business is Easier to Market and Promote

Most people who have their own traditional business are on their own when it comes to marketing and advertising. They usually try a little of everything to see if something will actually work. Often desperate business owners get taken in by slick salespeople who promise results with their newest expensive advertising scheme.

A network marketing company has a proven marketing system that has been tested and used by many people. They will usually have their own marketing material that can be purchased at a lower cost or even free because they can order in larger quantities.

5. You get the Business Training you Need to Succeed in Network Marketing

You don’t need to know anything about business to be successful in MLM. Your company has done all the work and research for you.

They often hire the best marketers in the business to help them develop a training programme because they really want you to succeed and will do everything in their power to help you. In a traditional business, you have to find the training you need on your own.

6. With a Home Based Network Marketing Business, Taxes are on Your Side

There are many deductions you can take with a home-based network marketing business that will help you reduce your taxes. On the other hand, the government (national and local) all seem to have it in for traditional small businesses. And if you have employees, you are really paying much more for them than just their salary, as an employer can tell you. 

7. Network Marketing is the Future

At the time of writing, we are still in the midst of the greatest health and economic catastrophe in living memory – Covid 19. Many millions have lost their jobs and millions more have taken huge pay cuts. Companies are going bust on an unprecedented scale and the business landscape may take decades to recover.

The good news is that with millions of people globally needing extra income, a reluctance to rely fully on the traditional employer-employee model of employment anymore. A new health awareness which has become entrenched in all societies recently, Network Marketing, especially in health-related areas is set to grow on a scale never before seen.

With social distancing and a new preference for online and face to face shopping, some estimates expect the growth to be as much as 25% per year over the next 5 to 10 years. Even large multi-national corporations are looking at moving into the MLM way of doing business. They say that in every crisis there is an opportunity. Network Marketing is Yours!

8. Powerlife Global Health. The Best Company with the Best Products, The Best Compensation Plan, The Best Support and Training and at the Best Time!

With our own factory, top international management. scientifically tested and proven products to help improve overall health and a global presence, there has never been a better time to join us.

Although a relatively young company, many of our pioneers in several countries have managed to generate a significant income in just a few short months by helping their friends and family embark on the road to greater wellness and financial security, Join the Powerlife Family Today.

Become a Distributor with Powerlife                                  Join Today.


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