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There are 6 awesome ways to make money in CHY Mall e-commerce business platform. These are:

  1. Store/Trading Profit
  2. Direct Sharing Profit
  3. Chain Store Profit
  4. Service Profit
  5. Chain Service Profit
  6. Traditional E-Commerce Profit

Having listed 6 powerful ways you can earn, we will go through each one of them into detail so that you can have a full understanding of the business.

1. Store Profit Way to Make Money

The store profit is the unlimited profit an existing partner of the company receives or enjoys when he/she begins trading on the e-commerce platform.

How It Works

How do you trade?

I’ll explain using Store profit. When you buy a product with your trading capital (let’s use VIP4 for example), you will buy any product in that category worth $300 at the New Retail Area. Note, this is Store Profit we are explaining.

Now, CHY will give you 2 quotas to buy the same product at $120 each at the Wholesale Area.

Do the simple math:

> $540 minus $300 = $240

> $120 times x 2 = $240

The first product you bought at $300 will be delivered to you through your Service Centre.

For the other two you purchased in the wholesale area, CHY Mall will give you two options; “do you want us to sell for you or deliver to you?” You’ll tell them to sell for you.

Remember you bought at $120 each, but CHY Mall will sell for you at $300 each, making it $600! So, $600 will be credited to your back-office.

Now, you spent $540 on your trade and gained $600

  • $600 – $540 = $60

The company deduct $18 from the $60 as charges and part as tax to your own country.

So, you will still have $42 as your total profit for that one trade and with your capital of $540

The selling period is 10 – 12 days maximum!

That’s for Store profit. No referring and selling products on the street. Pure legit, clean and stress-free business you have never seen before!

2. Direct Sharing Profit Way to Make Money (Referral Bonus)

CHY Mall says since you have decided to share this opportunity with others, you will be earning 20% of the PV assigned to their registration package each time a new person joins your network. Direct bonuses are instant and automated income received for referring or recruiting a new partner in CHY Mall international e-commerce business. The company pays you 20% on the PV assigned to the VIP package any new recruit you bring onboard purchases.

For Example:

If Mr Alidu decides to recruit Mr Benjamin. And Mr Benjamin comes in with VIP4 which is a $300 registration fee. Mr Alidu will be paid 20 of the 240 PVs assigned to a VIP 4 registration package costing $300 instantly for bringing in Mr Benjamin. This is the best online business in the 21st century! Second to none!


20% referral bonus (on PV)

VIP 1 (20PV)……..$3.20

VIP 2 (40PV)……..$6.40

VIP 3 (80PV)…… $12.80

VIP 4 (240PV)…..$38.40

VIP 5 (480PV)…..$ 76.80

VIP 6 (960PV)…..$ 153.60

NB: PV is calculated as 80% of the VIP Package Cost.

 3. Chain Store Profit Way to Make Money

This profit is one that CHY mall partners receive when they build their network. Those who directly recommend people to successfully participate in the new retail business will earn 3% of the First Generation’s (direct referrals) purchase from New Retail Store Area in every round of trade. So, this implies that each time they buy and sell, you enjoy 3% of their trades every time.

More so, if you directly recommend five customers or above, apart from the 3% reward of your First Generation in New Retail Area, you will also get another 2% of the Second Generation’s purchase.

Also, very importantly, when you share CHY business with five customers or above, besides the 3% + 2% mentioned above, once the sales volume (calculated from each 1st of every month) at New Retail Area of the biggest customer’s team reaches $200,000, from this time on, the server will be activated to accumulate your other First Generation’s team’s turnover of New Retail Area purchase till the end of the month, excluding the biggest and the smallest customers’ team, and you will be rewarded 3% of this turnover at the end of the month.

See Calculations below;

A’s Team =$200,000

B’s Team =$100,000

C’s Team =$5,000

D’s Team =$150,000

E’s Team =$8,000

Monthly sales volume of the Biggest Team=$200,000. Monthly profit = Total turnover (exclude biggest and smallest team volume) times 3% monthly calculation.

= ($100,000 + $150,000 + $8,000) x 3%

= ($258,000) x 3% Profit = $7,740.00

4. Service Profit (Binary Bonus) Way to Make Money

Service profits are profits or bonuses you earn on weaker or small legs. For instance, Mr Ben is able to build his network (binary) (left and right legs). Mr Ben’s points accumulated on his left leg is $1000 and his right is $1,500. The company will choose the left leg as his payout because that is his weaker or small leg.

See Calculations below;

Daily increment of shares

Service Profit (SP) = Small Zone’s turnover (small leg)/day times 12%

If it’s $1000, then

Service Profit = $1000 times 12%

= $120/day (profit)

In a nutshell, just know that in service profit, you earn 12% of the total points accumulated on your weaker leg daily. So, if your small leg accumulates 10,000 points on a particular day (which is $10,000), CHY will pay you a whopping sum of $1,200 on that day, just on service profit (binary bonus) alone! No E-commerce does this! Not for once! Remember, it’s calculated and paid on a daily basis.

NOTE: Service Profit is earned through the accumulation of PV from New Registrations on daily basis.

5. Chain Service Profit Way to Make Money

Terms: G = Generation,    CSP = Chain Service Profits


Chain Service Profit = First Generation’s Service Profit x 50% + Second Generation’s Service Profit x 20%.

When CSP is greater than or equals to 5 times of your VIP level. Chain Service Profit = First Generation’s Service Profit x 75% + Second Generation’s Service Profit x 20%.

When CSP is greater than or equals to 10 times of your VIP level. Chain Service Profit = First Generation’s Service Profit x 100% + Second Generation’s Service Profit x 20%.

 6. Traditional E-Commerce Profit 

Partners in CHY have the opportunity to recommend or refer qualified manufacturers and Wholesalers/Retailers of commodities to CHY mall Traditional E-Commerce Area. If the commodities are purchased by consumers, what you will get is as follows:

If Commodity A’s monthly turnover =A=$100,000

Commodity B’s monthly turnover =B=$200,000

Commodity C’s monthly turnover =C=$300,000

THEN, Traditional E-Commerce profit= (A + B + C) x 1%

=Total $600,000 x 1% = $6,000/monthly.

Understand this! This is a very powerful profit-earning aspect, where you make contact with local manufacturers of products like shoes, bags, jewellery, phones, etc. You connect them to display and sell their products to final consumers or online shoppers on CHY mall Traditional E-Commerce Area. You earn 1% of their total turnover at the end of the month, on a monthly basis.


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    1. Clinton Saun

      I love your explaination, I am interested to join your team but I need more coashing.
      I leave in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. phone no , 08038731082


        1. You don’t need to go to Accra to join. I am in Bolgatanga myself. So if you are ready to join and your money is ready, just let me know and you’ll be sorted out.

  2. Ngah Donatus

    Suppose an account has:
    left ……right leg
    Customers 1…….3
    Achievement 240…240
    Balance. 40…..0

    Question : Which is the weaker leg?

  3. Does chymall trade ebooks products
    Because that is one of the major products I have to sell which will make me to partner with them if they do.

  4. Am in Namibia,,, so can I join? if Yes,, how do I make deposit? I will like to know if you accept debit cards,, credit cards or even bank transfers.

    1. Yes, you can loin from Namibia. But no Debit or Credit Card. Bank payment is accepted in some countries and mobile money payment as well. You can also pay or withdraw by Bitcoin as well.

  5. Ebot Agborndip

    I will also like to know if you an move from VIP2 to VIP3 with the same account.. Am asking just so I could know if I an upgrade my account or it definite.

  6. Ebot Agborndip

    Am in Namibia and I will like to know if am eligible to join. I will also like to know the various deposit and withdrawal methods, Please kindy let me know if you accept debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers.


    1. Yes, you can loin from Namibia. But no Debit or Credit Card. Bank payment is accepted in some countries and mobile money payment as well. You can also pay or withdraw by Bitcoin as well.


    Hello, me am in uganda, whom can I connect with to join me in that wonderfull business? And can I join it with 7 share/packages on my first registration?

    1. Yes you can join with 7 VIP Packages at your first generation. Concerning who you’ll get to join you, I believe there like-minded individuals like you in Uganda there who are looking for ways they can better their financial lives.

  8. Pls am in Namibia how can I register , because someone in Nigeria want to register me I said how will I be getting paid and also my product

  9. Rabiu babangida

    Hlo am In Nigeria must I register under someone. If not pls give me a guide. Thanks.

  10. How do you keep your trading capital for other subsequent trades without re-investing. Does this not indicate that those entering late finance those who entered earlier. If not explain the never ending trades without investing in stocking your e-shop.

  11. Pls sir I have registered already and referred 2 people but I found out that I receive 3% profit from my referrals every 10days. Why.?

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