advance credit program


Advanced Credit Program Details:

Program Requirement:

In order to qualify to apply for the Advance Credit Program, you must be resident in one of the following qualifying countries: (BURUNDI – SENEGAL – RWANDA – MAURITANIA – MALI) and meet the following four qualifications as well.

  1. Applicable for a member with VIP 2 – VIP 5 only.
  2. A member who has referred 4 other members or above.
  3. Personal information is required upon submission for verification purposes.
  4. Applicants at least upgraded their account and participated in New Retail.

advance credit program

If you meet the above requirements, you are eligible to apply for it. Century Heng Yue will review the applicant based on personal performance and personal credit rating.

Program Amount:

The amount will be justified based on the required upgrade amount of the applicant’s current package and New Retail.

Century Heng Yue Group will issue the amount in the form of bonus points to members to upgrade and cover for the required amount in the new retail session.


An applicant is currently holding a VIP 5 package worth 600 USD and participated in New Retail that worth 1,080 USD.

  • If the applicant applied successfully, he or she will be able to get the difference amount from a

VIP 5 package worth 600 USD upgrade to VIP 6 package worth 1,200 USD automatically.

  • Besides, the current New Retail Package of VIP 5 worth 1,080 USD, you will receive the difference amount of 1,080 USD to upgrade to a higher level. Applicants have to wait until their New Retail session ends, then only will be able to upgrade.
  • The sum-up of both packages will allow the applicant to receive 1,680 USD worth of bonus points from Century Heng Yue.

Note that you can use the advance credit program bonus points only to upgrade and participate in the New Retail session (5 rounds /10 rounds).

 Program Repayment Method:

Century Heng Yue will automatically repay through the following scheme,

  • Direct Selling: 90% of cashable bonus and 10% for repayment
  • New Retail: 10% of cashable profit and 90% for repayment

 Program Duration:

365 days. After the loan duration, Century Heng Vue will give repayment time within 7 days. Those who failed to repay within 7 days, Century Heng Vue has the right to confiscate applicant’s account.


  1. The maximum amount is 1,680 USD for VI P 6 + new retail upgrade.
  2. The application starts on 19th November 2020 and will last for 2 months until 19 January 2021.
  3. Furthermore, you can use the bonus points Advanced Credit Program only for account upgrade and new retail upgrade purposes. Any credit transferred found, applicants account and the beneficial account will be confiscated by Century Heng Yue Group.

Terms And Conditions Apply.

Century Heng Yue reserves the right of final decision. And right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


  1. edward Namasaka

    Very wonderful program from chy management to help and motivate members. For ease of applying for this facility i would suggest that an application form is created on members account portal to be filled and submitted. alternatively, let members be informed of how one can apply. looking forward to upgrading my main account which is at vip5 to vip6.

      1. Pls sir can you share a format if possible to (……. Is Nigeria also inclusive in the recent Advanced Credit Program??? Thanks for response.

    1. Sammy,of what benefits is the upgrading when over a month now members are not able to access their profits. The whole business is now looking like a scam.

  2. Kingsley Onah

    Pls sir can you share a format if possible to (……. Is Nigeria also inclusive in the recent Advanced Credit Program??? Thanks for response.

  3. Good day. The upgrade is a welcomed development but I noticed that my VIP points were taken.
    Can I please have an explanation for the points that were taken?

  4. The Automatic VIP upgrade caused the 90% deduction of points from every place of profits , why?
    Remember you have told us that, deduction wil be only to the loan

  5. Tina Nnatuanya

    I am worried as my chypoints were all taken and it didn’t reflect on the amount you said I have paid. Moreso my chy points on my trading accounts are not dropping at all.
    Is it compulsory to trade with the advanced credit because if you are taking 90% of the all my chy points, the upgrades do not have any positive effect on us.

    1. Even is the amount deducted does not show, at least, you’ll see that the total credit amount to be paid is reducing. If you have active trades, your points should be dropping. If they are not, then it probably means your trade has ended and the old trading capital has been deducted towards payment of the loan. So it is time to start trading with the New Advance Credit Capital

  6. I think that CHY is not proving to be a credible company. this is because there are too many inconsistency in their communications since November to date. Again, you can not just decide for your customers. Remember customer is always the king. Further what is the essences of trading with out making profit? Now, the company gave composury loan and said after completion of the loan your income will be in the comsuption point while in fact any point in the comsuption point can not be withdrawn. so what will show that your customers are doing business? Better think twice otherwise the business has no future.

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